Representing the passion of Bedouins, falcons are the national emblem of the UAE. Dating back into centuries, falconry is a unique tradition that is well preserved in Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital is a popular tourist attractions and has been internationally recognised for its innovative programme. It has won the several awards, including the 34th International Award for Tourist,Hotel and Catering Industry (New Millennium Award) for its good excellent tourism programme.


An aura of elegance and renement welcomes visitors to the prestigious Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club. Facility proudly hosts international polo events and houses 336 air-conditioned stables, a world-class exercise track and three polo elds. Accompanied by an experienced guide from the club, you begin early in the day by watching the magnicent thoroughbreds being put through their paces at the training grounds. This is followed by a leisurely stroll around the immaculate facilities for the upkeep of horses, including walkers, feed rooms, wash rooms, tack rooms and a farrier’s workshop.


Experience the world’s most technologically and advanced motor sports Circuit on the Yas Marina Circuit Venue Tour.Where else in the world will you nd a Formula 1 track running through a hotel, a solar-powered VIP Hospital tower oering unsurpassed track views from 60 meters high,or fully covered grandstands? On 1st November 2009 Abu Dhabi proudly hosted the rst Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and became one of the 17 countries around the world licensed to hold an Grand Prix race.The Emirate has also secured the rights to host an F1 Grand Prix until 2016.


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