The  Emirates tour  reveals the captivating contrast  of cultural and  the modern face of the United Arab Emirates Begin with the emirate of Dubai and next proceed towards Sharjah, passing Khalid Lake,  the Blue Souk and  the dhow yard. Next, proceed to Ajman for a visit to the Ajman Museum, a treasure house of historical relics, followed by a photo stop at the Sheikh Palace, and the country’s largest shipyard. Driving to Umm al-Quwain,you will have a photo stop at the museum, Sheikh Palace, then a short stop at La Palma Hotel..


On your way to the East Coast,you will pass through the agricultural areas of Al Dhaid,where the terrain changes from colourful, desert  landscape to  spectacular mountains  scenery. The coastline  is scattered with small shing villages  including the old village of Dibba, once a strategically important settlement oering a stunning view of the Indian Ocean. Shop for local crafts, pottery and carpets at the Friday Market, or gaze upon the stunning  view of the canyon and the wadis  which still display the tracks used by nomads in early days.


Sharjah is an exciting, lively city with colorful souks lled with interesting artifacts in every corner. The combination of restored houses in traditional style with walls of sea coral; the bright colors of the  material souks;  the exciting fruit and vegetable market and the fascinating sh souk – all together gives a magical feeling.


This charming desert oasis was originally known as a stop on a caravan trail but  today it’s  university city and an agricultural centre.  Known as the ‘Garden City’, Al Ain is the second-largest city within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Your tour begins at Hili Gardens to view archaeological digs which date back more than 5000 years. You will then proceed to the Al Ain Palace Museum an old fortress which was the Residence of the late ruler Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan to feast your eyes on interesting displays,  including good collection of  family portraits over an insight into the way the royal family lived and entertained


Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates and the residence of the Federal National Council.One of the world’s largest producers of oil, Abu Dhabi has actively attempted to diversify its economy in recent years through investments in nancial services and tourism. Your journey begins in Dubai,  where you will  travel past the world’s largest man made port at Jebel Ali and onward for the two–hour drive to Abu Dhabi.


Dubai is a city that provides a new setting at every turn,It is  oering a rich blend of the old and the new, making it without a doubt the leading tourist destination in the Middle East.  Dubai is a city of ages that rises  out of the old desert  and crowns the Gulf Coast with its presence. Your route takes you to the magnicent view of Dubai Creek, passing  by the heritage area of Bastakiya with  its fascinating wind- towered  houses built  by wealthy merchants


There is no better way to discover one of the world’s best tourist destinations the fastest growing city in the world is sure to delight you with its impressive skyline,  which includes the most luxurious hotels ever built. The Modern Dubai overs visitors a diverse experience – from the unforgettable charm of traditional souks to inspiring modern skyscrapers.


Explore the sights of the city through our exclusive ‘Dubai Top 5’ tour. Your tour begins with a visit to Saga World Dubai, a standalone mall which displays and presents nothing but the nest masterpieces that the human hand can create. It is the only bigest mall that compares to a museum, yet allows the connoisseur to choose articles for purchase.


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