The coastline of the UAE is home to a wonderful underwater paradise waiting to be explored. The shorelines and reefs are virtually untouched – revealing a land that would look unchanged and familiar to ancient seafarers. Dive straight into the amazing world of sunken shipwrecks and exotic marine life. The sights and memories you have experience while diving will stay with you long after your holiday is over.


Soar across Dubai’s magnicent coastal skyline overlooking several of Dubai’s architectural marvels and beautiful desert landscape as you head towards the idyllic city of Ras Al Khaimah. Ras Al Khaimah, UAE’s northernmost and most fertile emirate has an impressive archaeological heritage and a rich history. Experience stunning views of the rugged Hajar Mountains, vast deserts, pristine beaches as well as the coastal cities of Umm Al Quwain and Ajman. Get on board a breathtaking voyage of discovery.


Seawings  oers you a  unique sightseeing  excursion  across  Dubai’s ever changing coastal and modern skyline. The  Seawings  Silver is a  40-minute  ‘dock to dock’ excursion  providing views of Dubai’s most iconic landmarks including Palm Jumeirah, Bur Khalifa The World Islands, Burj Al Arab,Historic Dubai Creek,Port Rashid and more. Come, let us experience Dubai!


Your trip begins in Abu Dhabi,to the edge of the great Empty Quarter desert,the largest in Arabia. Travel by road and sand tracks to the Liwa Oasis. The exhilaratingv drive ovevr the  highest sand dunes in the world is a unique and most  spectacular experience. You will pass numerous desert reserves and if you  are  lucky, you might  spot some of the rare gazelles. Continue towards the south  passing magnicent  desert landscapes and stop for picnic lunch in the Oasis. After lunch, visit a camel farm and continue to Moreb Hill, built by the Abu Dhabi authorities in order to conduct specialised desert races.


Get ready  for a morning trip of excitement and magic, as  our experienced  safari drivers take you away from the busy city into a thrilling journey over the sand  dunes deep inside the Dubai desert. You will stop at the camp site to enjoy some refreshments and perhaps for some of you to enjoy a camel ride.


Experience  the thrill of a life time with a  rollercoaster ride on sand dunes. Our safari gives you an opportunity to see the golden sand dunes of Arabia in 4-wheel vehicles. While on the journey, you will stop on the highest sand dune to view the beautiful sunset and to refresh yourself with a mineral water.  Continue the drive to an authentic Bedouin campsite right in the heart of the desert, where henna design, local dresses, soft drinks, water,  cofee or tea are available for your enjoyment.


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